About Us

Even as a small kitten I had a dream, a dream of running Toronto’s best pet store.

It has taken me several years (humans are so hard to control sometimes) but my grand plan has finally been realised. I am in charge of an empire of four Global Pet Foods stores in Toronto.

Each store is stocked with a huge selection of products, including the very best cat food available.

My sidekick, Squeaker the Maine Coon, and I select the very best products for all types of pets, focusing on the best quality and most nutritious pet foods. If we don’t have what you’re seeking in stock, our pet-loving staff will always do their best to source it for you.

Come visit one of our stores and see just what a cat can do (with the help of the right humans.)

– Sully the Russian Blue

Sully’s story:

It all started with a very embarrassing case of cat acne. My owners took me to several vets (shudder) and rubbed all kinds of cream on my elegant chin but nothing worked.

I knew the key to excellent cat health is diet so I began a whispering campaign. (It was either that or steal the car keys and go shopping myself.) Every night I would wait til my humans were asleep and I would whisper into their ears “Sully needs better cat food”.

After only a few nights the message got through and my humans began searching. They found Global Pet Foods in uptown Toronto and my life improved enormously. The humans began serving me better food and my elegant chin was restored to its former glory – no more cat acne.

It was then I stepped up my whispering campaign, telling my humans they needed to open a pet store for me. It wasn’t too long before they did exactly that, opening a Global Pet Foods in the Beaches area in 2004.

Now my empire includes four Global Pet Foods stores that provide the pets of Toronto the very best of the best.